por | 19 diciembre, 2017

You may have heard of the cotton industry on more than one occasion but you do not know its characteristics or all that it encompasses. In this case, take note because we bring you all the details of this important industry that for many is a great unknown.

Well the cotton or textile industry is the sector of the economy dedicated to the production of fibers, whether natural or synthetic, as well as yarns, fabrics and clothing-related products.

At present, if there are two countries in which this industry stands out above others, those are undoubtedly Thailand and Mexico. And it goes without saying that, the textile industry in Mexico has a great importance in the global economy and also the national one thanks to the fact that its market model has allowed it to compete with the international market partly due to factors such as low and no wages. or minimum union demands, all accompanied by a lack of environmental protection. However, this model in 2009 went into crisis.

With regard to Thailand, it has a strong presence in the textile industry due to low labor costs, a large workforce, low environmental requirements, a good location in Asia and cooperation between the country’s government and the private sector, both This is how it is a sector that employs more than one million people.

In this way, this sector is responsible for carrying out textile manufacturing, that is, to carry out a phase of economic production goods that consists of the transformation of raw materials, in a natural fiber principle into textile products manufactured, processed or finished for distribution and consumption. To do this they are responsible for cleaning and preparing plant and animal fibers, spinning, as well as dry-cleaning and other finishes. This is how the garment in question will be prepared and the entire previous process is what the textile industry is in charge of. or the cotton industry from which we bring you all the information.